PlayStation Now game streaming
Sony Gets Aggressive With PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service
In advance of the launch of competing services, Sony has announced a major price reduction for its PlayStation Now game streaming service.  In addition to cutting monthly subscription prices in half, Sony has added major new AAA content including Grand
Nintendo Switch hardware sales forecast
Can Nintendo Switch Pass the 100 Million Unit Mark?
The Nintendo Switch has been a strong success story in 2019.  The September launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite doubles down on the portable element of the system. There is now a serious question about whether the Switch will eventually
World of Warcraft Classic Sales
Activision Blizzard Sees Success with World of Warcraft Classic Sales
Large video game publishers have significant value in their historic franchises.  Unfortunately, they have often struggled to take full advantage of those evergreen classics.  Activision Blizzard was no exception.  However, the recent release of World of Warcraft Classic shows that
Battle Royale Game Revenue to Hit $7 Billion
The latest DFC Intelligence report takes a hard look at the battle royale game genre.  One of many surprising findings was that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is set to become the leading battle royale game in 2020.  Battle royale game revenue
Minecraft Sales
Minecraft Popularity Continues to Soar
Throughout 2019, DFC Intelligence has noted how Minecraft was making a major comeback among the school-age audience.  This was after a slow period of general decline with the Microsoft purchase and rise of Fortnite.  Over the summer, Minecraft saw a
Minecraft RTX
Will Minecraft RTX Drive Hardware Sales?
Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all-time.  It is also decidedly low-tech and noted for its blocky graphics.  However, that may be changing as Minecraft looks to become one of the leading franchises for the next


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