Games as a Service
Forecasting New Video Game Platforms and Market Opportunities
Every February, DFC Intelligence looks to assess the performance of the previous year and issue new video game market forecasts. Last year, the video game market performed better than expected. However, investors are leery of the future potential for the
Netflix of Games
Will Apple be Joining the Netflix of Games?
Well, we said it in our welcome to 2019 brief on January 8.  We predicted that 2019 would be the year where everyone talks about the Netflix of Games.  The competition continues to heat up as now we may be
Nintendo Switch Sales
Nintendo Switch Sales Dominate December
In early December, DFC Intelligence released its latest video game market forecast. One caveat was that we noted the Nintendo Switch would need an extremely strong December to reach our estimates. We can now report that December Nintendo Switch sales were
Destiny of Activision
Losing Bungie Raises Big Concerns about the Destiny of Activision
In the past few months, a big topic for DFC Intelligence analysts has been investor concern over the fate of big game publishers Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard.  This issue really came to a head with the announcement that Bungie,
2019: The Netflix of Gaming and New Game Consoles
Welcome to 2019! At the end of 2018, DFC Intelligence worked with leading industry news site to share our predictions for 2019. The big themes around our predictions include new devices and a focus on game streaming. With the launch
Video Game Console Sales
DFC Intelligence Forecasts Video Game Console Sales to Surpass 150 Million
DFC Intelligence just released its latest forecasts for the video game console systems. Across the board, there was a strong performance for all platforms. The Nintendo Switch is expected to met forecasts. Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are


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