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Project Scarlett
Microsoft Announces New Project Scarlett Game Console
On June 9, 2019, Microsoft held its annual E3 press conference.  The company announced some new product plans and confirmed the launch of a new console system in late 2020. ...
VRChat is Driving Increased Interest in Virtual Reality.
Virtual reality was all the rage in 2016.  New systems were launching, and the media was describing VR as the next big thing.  The actual reality hit pretty quickly, and...
Sony and Microsoft
Will it be Sony and Microsoft versus Google and Amazon?
Last week many industry observers were surprised when Sony and Microsoft announced a deal to work together on cloud games/AI and other technology.  This deal was done at the highest...
PC game Hardware Market
Winners and Losers in $70 Billion PC Game Hardware Market
The latest DFC Intelligence forecasts estimate that by 2023 consumer spending on PC game hardware spending will reach $70 billion. This is a big number and it is, of course, attracting...
PC game hardware spending
Spending on PC Game Hardware to Reach $70 Billion
When most people talk about the video game industry, they look at consumer spending on games.  However, this is only a portion of the overall video game ecosystem.  There is...
Segmenting the Video Game Market
Segmenting the Video Game Market 101
DFC Intelligence recently released its latest global video game consumer segmentation.  This report looks at the total worldwide number of paying video game consumers.  As we mentioned last week, this...
Minecraft Village and Pillage
Minecraft Village and Pillage Expansion is Big for Microsoft
Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time. However, since developer Mojang was acquired by Microsoft in 2014 the game has seemed to stagnate. This seems...
Worldwide Video Game Consumers
Number of Worldwide Video Game Consumers Passes 3 Billion
DFC Intelligence recently released its latest global video game consumer segmentation.  This report breaks out the number of game consumers by country, region, and platform.  With the growth of mobile...
Latin American Video Games
Latin American Gamers Love Steam, Twitch and YouTube
Latin American video games are a big deal.  Consumers in Latin America are really into video games.  However, taxes and fees can make game hardware costs prohibitive.  This is why...

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