PlayStation 5 Games
Sony PlayStation 5 Has Solid Games and Design Reveal
Surprise, Sony not only revealed games, but they gave the world a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 design.  With the PlayStation 5 having a large existing advantage over the Microsoft Xbox Series X, does this reveal change the analysis? This
PlayStation 5 Launch
Sony PlayStation 5 on Track for 2020 Launch
In the recent DFC Intelligence Video Game Forecast, we modeled both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to launch in 2020. In Sony’s recent fiscal year earnings and forecast releases the company has confirmed the PlayStation 5 launch is
Video Game Industry Soars Under Stay-at-Home
DFC Intelligence just released its latest report on the state of the video game industry. The good news is that sales of video games are soaring. Of course, one of the unfortunate causes of this increase is the devastating spread
Can Elder Scrolls Become the Next Metaverse?
Elder Scrolls is a 25-year old action role-playing series set in a fantasy universe. Like many franchises with tens of millions of users, observers are starting to ask whether products like Elder Scrolls have the potential to become a metaverse.
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake Turns Classic 1990s Game Into a Billion Dollar+ Product
On April 10, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII Remake. This game was based on the 1997 hit PlayStation title. Rereleasing classic titles is not new. However, what Square Enix is doing with Final Fantasy VII Remake is taking a
Video Game Technology Soars as People Communicate Online
Times of trouble can bring major societal changes that often last well beyond the return to normality. During the COVID-19 crisis, video game usage is soaring as games become a primary leisure time activity by default. More importantly games are


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