Xbox Series X specs
PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Release Full Specs
While the world is battling coronavirus, gamers received a little excitement last week when both Sony and Microsoft released more detailed specs for their video game console systems.  In this battle of the engineers, the Xbox Series X specs arguably
Key Strategic Investors Make Major Bet on Interactive Game Streaming Technologies
Genvid Technologies focuses on what many would consider an obscure area, interactive streaming SDKs for game developers. However, this is an area that could drive a new future of game industry business models. Investors tend to agree as the company
Lego Nintendo Partnership
Lego Nintendo Partnership Underwhelms
Lego and Nintendo are two of the most popular brands not just for children, but also for adults.  Therefore rumors the two companies were partnering led to a great deal of excitement among older fans on the Internet.  However, the
Steam Workshop
Steam Workshop Drives User Generated Content
As part of its latest research into user-generated content (UGC), DFC has been interviewing gamers across the spectrum. Some of our most surprising findings have come from teenage girls. This surprisingly sophisticated user base clearly prefers Steam over Electronic Arts. 
Microsoft Xbox Series X
New Microsoft Xbox Series X Announcements
On February 24, Xbox head Phil Spencer released a blog post with the latest on the Xbox Series X.  This was the latest in a trickle of new information about the upcoming game system.  Once again, this is line with
Xbox Series X PlayStation 5
When Will We Officially See the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?
The year is young, but we are already looking towards the upcoming holiday season. There has been a continuing drought in terms of new big-ticket games being released. Right now, it looks that the launch of new console systems this


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