DFC Reports Focus on a Complete View of the Video Game Industry

Coverage of Major Topics

  • Video game software latest trends
  • Game hardware including consoles, PCs, mobile devices, VR, and accessories
  • Subscription Services, cloud games, metaverse, and trends
  • Customized surveys and white papers

Complete Forecasts

  • Forecasts are delivered in Excel files for custom analysis
  • Forecasts are “living” products that are regularly updated
  • Custom Forecasts can be provided for key market segments including individual platforms, regions, countries, business models and more

Global Video Game Consumer: Market Overview

Over 3 billion people around the globe play video games!  The Global Video Game Consumer: Market Overview is a summary report that focuses on the global number of video game consumers broken down by region/country, platform, and type of user.  The report is delivered in a pdf format and includes multiple charts as well as tables with all data used to create the charts.
More Info Global Video Game Consumer: Market Overview

Global Video Game Consumer Segmentation

The Global Video Game Consumer Segmentation report is highlighted by a pivot table based spreadsheet that provides the number of video game consumers by country, region, and platform. The 3 billion global video game consumers are segmented into over 400 individual categories. The report also comes with a 35-page pdf summary with some key highlights
More Info Global Video Game Consumer Segmentation

Video Game Console Market Global Forecast: Hardware and Software

These are the latest DFC Intelligence video game console forecasts for the major systems.   The forecasts include data in an Excel spreadsheet with historical sales and five-year forecasts for video game console systems from 2008-2027.  Forecasts are broken down by hardware units, packaged software, and digital software and services by individual platform and region.
More Info Video Game Console Market Global Forecast: Hardware and Software

The Business of Video Games

The Business of Video Games has been a premiere game industry report for many years.  This report has been used by companies as an employee training manual and portions of it have been converted to textbook for college classes on the Business of Video Games.  The current version includes a 180 page pdf report and a 144-slide PowerPoint presentation
More Info The Business of Video Games
PC Game Market Forecast

PC Game and Cloud Game Market Forecast

This spreadsheet includes the 2022 Five-Year DFC Intelligence PC Game Market Forecasts.  PC Game Sales are from 2008 to 2027 with actuals from 2008 to 2020 and forecasts through 2027. The forecasts are divided by region, game type, revenue, users, and average revenue per user..  Also included are revenue for cloud games broken down by type of revenue.
More Info PC Game and Cloud Game Market Forecast

DFC Intelligence’s Customer Focus

DFC regularly publishes research reports on popular topics in the interactive entertainment industry. Our products address key markets in video game hardware, software, services and accessories. Our commitment is to deliver analysis and forecasting that reflects market realities instead of hype and wishful thinking. Our reports can be purchased on an individual basis, as a bundle, or as part of a research service.

We understand that clients have particular requirements. DFC Intelligence supports our customers via one-to-one engagements and customization. Custom reports can be broken down by country, region, platform, and business model. In most cases, client optimized reports can be delivered within 48 hours.

DFC Intelligence market reports, briefs and market forecasts are available for purchase through our secure store or from our sales department. Most products are available for download with the exception of certain spreadsheets and database access. Orders processed by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer are fulfilled immediately upon approval. We accept PayPal, AMEX, MasterCard and Visa as well as wire transfers and company checks. Payment required in order to receive your report unless purchaser has established account with DFC.

All prices listed on our site are for Single User Licenses. Upgrades are available for wider client-side usage. All reports can be added to annual subscriptions or packaged as a bundled purchase.