2019 video game sales
Where are the Video Games for Holiday 2019?
The last three months of the year have historically been make or break time for the video game industry.  However, as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One slowly decline, 2019 is different. New offerings for the end of 2019 are
Google Stadia
The Failure of Google Stadia
When we had our first look at the Google Stadia streaming service at GDC in March 2019 we left uncertain. To us it was unimpressive, but we were told Google had more up its sleeve. Last week Google Stadia officially launched
Nintendo Switch Should Dominate Holiday 2019
For the past decade, Nintendo has underperformed.  This has changed recently as the Nintendo Switch has been a star performer the past year.  Going into holiday 2019, and the end of a rough decade for the company, Nintendo is looking
Apple Arcade
Will Apple Dominate the Video Game Business?
For years DFC Intelligence has stated that Apple Inc could become the most powerful company in the video game industry if it desired.  However, the company has shown almost no interest in the game space.  Recent trends suggest that this
Project Scarlett Forecasts
PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett Forecasts and Analysis
DFC Intelligence just released its latest brief on the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Project Scarlett video game systems. The brief has forecasts for the two systems, but focuses primarily on an analysis of the features and strategic positioning of
PlayStation Now game streaming
Sony Gets Aggressive With PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service
In advance of the launch of competing services, Sony has announced a major price reduction for its PlayStation Now game streaming service.  In addition to cutting monthly subscription prices in half, Sony has added major new AAA content including Grand


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