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Apex Legends Forecast
Apex Legends Forecast: Did It Reach Its Apex in Month One?
One of the biggest stories in the video game industry over the past two years has been the rise of the Battle Royale genre.  Last year at this time, we said to expect dozens of battle royale games to hit
Google Stadia
Google Stadia Underwhelms at Game Developer’s Conference
For a long time, the industry knew that major players were looking to get into the game market via streaming services. Google, of course, was one of the largest such players. At the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Google
Strong Performance of Video Games in 2018 Sets High Bar for 2019
DFC Intelligence just released its latest assessment of top 2019 video games.  This also included an analysis of 2018 releases.  Overall, 2018 was a very strong year for video game releases.  Of course, this means sales in 2019 could struggle
video game console market forecast
Online Console Video Game Sales Expected to Pass Packaged Sales in 2019
DFC Intelligence just released its latest global video game console market forecast.  This included initial estimates for console systems expected to launch in 2020 and beyond.  Of course, one of the biggest issues is the growing digital delivery of software
Digital Lego: Can Lego Remain Relevant in the Digital Age
In recent months, a major question being asked of DFC Intelligence is the impact of Fortnite on the overall video game industry.  Our overall take has been that Fortnite is not taking away business from most other companies in the
Fortnite Game Company Stock
Is Fortnite Killing Game Company Stocks?
Since last October major game company stocks have been down significantly.  Of course, much of this was due to an overall market decline.  However, as market indexes have bounced back, game companies are still down.  One of the big culprits

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