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  • Executive Brief Subscription Program


    The Executive Brief Program is an annual subscription that includes all DFC Intelligence briefs delivered over the course of the year.  Subscribers also get access to past briefs.

  • Global Video Game Consumer Segmentation With Excel Enterprise License


    The Global Video Game Consumer Segmentation report is highlighted by a pivot table based spreadsheet that provides the number of video game consumers by country, region, and platform. The 3 billion global video game consumers are segmented into over 400 individual categories.

    The report also comes with a 35-page pdf summary with some key highlights

  • PC Game Engine Database


    Report delivered separately. Valid company email address required

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  • PC Video Game Forecast

    PC Game Market Forecast Package


    This package includes a 100-page pdf report and an Excel spreadsheet with the 2021 Five-Year DFC Intelligence PC Game Market Forecasts.  PC Game Sales are from 2008 to 2025 with actuals from 2008 to 2020 and forecasts through 2025.

    Include 30 tables and 61 figures

    The forecasts are divided by region, game type, revenue, users and average revenue per user.

  • PC Gamer Hardware Forecast Package


    PC Gamer Hardware Forecast is a bundle of reports that looks at consumer spending on hardware to play games.

    The bundle includes a Powerpoint summary, a pdf report and Excel spreadsheet with forecasts

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    Upcoming Video Game Analysis

    $2,995 $1,995

    PREORDER the Q1 2021 report on over 200 titles scheduled for release 2021 and beyond.  This report is part of the Game Forecasting Service.

    DFC Intelligence’s Game Forecasting Service provides clients a  regular outlook for major new upcoming video games. This program includes a detailed assessment of upcoming PC and console games for the next six months and beyond, as well as detail the most important upcoming games releasing within the next year in terms of user base and revenue potential as identified by DFC forecasts.

  • Video Game Console Forecasts

    Video Game Console Forecasts


    These are the latest video game console forecasts for the major systems.   The forecasts includes data in an Excel spreadsheet with historical sales and five-year forecasts for video game console systems from 2008-2024.  Forecasts are broken down by platform and region.

    Also included is a detailed analysis of the upcoming launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X.  Both systems are scheduled for launch in late 2020.  There has been plenty of rumors and speculation about the two systems.  The focus of this brief is on what has actually been announced.  Included are PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X forecasts for both worldwide hardware units and total software revenue through 2024.

  • Sale! Worldwide Video Game Forecast

    Worldwide Video Game Market Forecast Subscription

    $5,995 $3,995

    SHIPS JUNE 2021

    The Worldwide Video Game Market Forecast subscription service provides historic sales and 5-year forecasts global market breaks down by platform and region with a focus on console, PC and Mobile platforms (dedicated portable, smartphone and tablet).

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