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Upcoming Video Game Analysis

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    DFC Intelligence’s Game Forecasting Service provides clients a quarterly report on the current outlook for major new video games. This program includes a detailed assessment of upcoming PC and console games for the next six months and beyond, as well as detail the most important upcoming games releasing within the next year in terms of user base and revenue potential as identified by DFC forecasts.

    For each title broken out for examination, the accompanying assessment includes meta-data on the game title, publisher, developer, genre and release data combined with DFC’s forecast for potential user base and revenue.

    Also included are DFC’s subjective rankings for title quality, reputation, marketing potential, distribution, buzz plus a text summary of the reasoning behind the ranking for each title.

    The service also provides a one-hour call per quarter to discuss DFC data and findings with research analysts.

    DFC specializes in a very specific vertical, providing information on the global video game industry, which now has an estimated 1.4 billion consumers and software revenue is now over $100 billion a year.

    The latest report published March 2019 includes over 300 titles scheduled for 2019 and beyond and an assessment of over 200 titles released in 2018 and earlier.

    The package can be customized for each client’s specific needs.

    For more information contact DFC at info at dfcint.com.