Cloud Games and Streaming Outlook: 2024 Report and Forecast Service

Cloud games and subscription game streaming services are driving major growth in the video game industry.  By 2027 revenue from cloud games is expected to surpass $27 billion.  This series includes the latest DFC Intelligence market analysis reports and forecasts for cloud games.

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Cloud streaming delivery of games is the major growth driver for the video game industry.  DFC Intelligence has been covering the cloud game industry for over a decade and offers comprehensive coverage and forecasts for this rapidly expanding market.  This program is available as a 6-month or year-long program, comprised of forecasts available now and updated throughout the year along with reports and access to DFC Intelligence Research Director.

What’s Included:

  • The latest market report in pdf (January 2024)
  • Historical data dating back to 2020: Gain valuable insights from past trends to inform your present and future strategies. (Excel spreadsheets)
  • Five-year forecasts (2024-2028): Plan with confidence using our accurate predictions for the next five years.  (Excel spreadsheets)
  • Six months to One year of updates including additional reports and forecasts related to this area.
  • Analyst access to discuss forecasts, trends and announcements related to cloud gaming.

Easy-to-analyze Excel spreadsheet:

  • The forecasts are presented in an organized Excel spreadsheet, featuring historical sales data and precise five-year projections for video game console systems from 2020 to 2028.
  • Detailed breakdowns by platform and region: Identify lucrative opportunities and potential growth areas with our region-specific insights.

Detailed Market Analysis:

Our report provides of major companies, products and trends

  • Market Segmentation
  • Key Product Analysis
  • Subscription Services Overview and Analysis
  • Detailed Business Model Analysis across multiple categories
  • Key Trends
  • Company and product analysis
  • China Cloud Game overview

NOTE: These are living forecasts.  DFC Intelligence specializes in working with clients whose business is dependent on accurate forecasts.  Our forecasts are always being adjusted based on the latest news, events, and product announcements.  Anyone ordering this service will also receive all updates for the next six months.

Platforms include:

  • Console
  • PC
  • Mobile

Regions Include:

North AmericaYes
Western EuropeYes
Eastern EuropeYes
Latin AmericaYes
SE Asia and IndiaYes
Rest of WorldYes
Worldwide SummaryYes

Included for each platform and region:

    • Full Game Digital Only Revenue
    • Add-on Content Revenue
    • Subscription to Individual Games Revenue
    • Subscription to Multiple Game Services Revenue
    • iOS Revenue
    • Android Revenue
    • Windows OS Revenue
    • Other OS Revenue


  • More granular data is available on request
  • This report is included as part of our overall subscription program
  • Purchase of this report can be credited to additional purchases within a six-month period.

Have Questions?

DFC offers subscription services, on-off report and data purchases and custom client engagements. Our services and products include Excel spreadsheet based deliverables and/or market analysis reports that take a deeper dive into a topic.  We also offer pivot table products and raw survey data that can be imported into a program of choice for full subscription clients or as a one-off purchase.

Absolutely!  Over the years we have done it all from business plans, expert testimony, market surveys and custom segmentations and forecasts.  DFC also offers short one-on-one briefings with analysts.

In addition, we have access to a database of former industry insiders with expertise in all aspects of the video game industry.  No matter what the topic DFC can find the appropriate expert.

Be sure and check out our consulting page for more information.

All major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers are accepted.  Because many of our clients are large organizations we are experienced in setting up purchase orders and the complexities of corporate billing.  However, product delivery does not occur until payment has been confirmed. 

Contact us to setup payment!

Most products will ship ASAP, usually within 24 hours. Some products are available for instant download upon payment.  These products are indicated as an instant digital download. 

However, DFC Intelligence specializes in living research reports.  We are constantly updating our forecasts and analysis to reflect current market conditions.  Even when a product is available for instant download, we always contact clients to make sure they have the most recent edition.

DFC is hands-on with clients and in most cases, we consult to make sure the research fits the client’s specific needs.  Many reports are custom-built-on-demand from our database.  Usually, delivery of custom-built reports is within 48 hours.  

We are the first to admit that DFC has a LOT of data and information.   It can be overwhelming.  However, we are here to help.  Contact us if you are uncertain!

If you have a question on the business of video games we will likely know how to get the answer!

Generally the product page will indicate the latest “official” version of a report.  However, DFC Intelligence specializes in “living research.”  Our forecasts and analysis are constantly being tweaked to account for current events.  When a customer orders a report we always make sure to send any relevant updates.  Also when a report is updated we will send the update to all clients that have ordered in the past six months.   Our goal is to go above and beyond to ensure repeat business.

DFC Intelligence has been operating within the video game segment since the 1990s. We have made a name for ourselves as providing forecasts and analysis that support strategic planning and marketing initiatives over that of Marcom functions that like to influence markets by overstating the size, opportunities and potential of a company with assistance from “pay to play” firms. Out forecasts are often in line with what actually happens which provides our clients with a sense to confidence in purchasing from us.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the video game industry and the years of experience and industry connections that we have developed. DFC is strictly focused on the video game space and not as a plug in to other research offerings or part of the factory approaches that have appeared over the years with offshore companies employing generalists to pump out reports via web scraping and generic templates.

DFC specializes in taking massive amounts of data from multiple sources and identifying key trends and providing actionable insights.  As a research company, DFC Intelligence has been on the forefront of data collection and analysis since the 1990s.  We have pioneered the usage of data mining and AI tools to collect and analyze disparate data sources.

In a world cluttered with information, much of it misinformation, DFC cuts through the crap to focus on reality.

DFC Intelligence focuses on providing high-quality insights and forecasts at a reasonable price.  The goal is to provide clients with products they can leverage to educate not only themselves but partners, clients, and investors.

For more insights into what makes us unique see this interview with David Cole Founder & CEO of DFC Intelligence on Waskul TV.

DFC offers discounts on multiple report orders.  In addition, single report orders can be to upgrade to additional research with full credit for the price paid. We will, on occasion, with small start-ups or individuals looking to raise early stage investments. We do not provide discounts or free research to students.

Universities and other educational institutions have bought DFC Intelligence research to use for classroom education and specialized research into the video game space.  Contact us to discuss a subscription to our research.

Definitely!  The DFC Intelligence database goes far beyond what can be listed on the site.  If you have a question on the video game industry chances are DFC will have the answer.  Not only do we have access to our internal experts but DFC has contacts with experts in specific areas.  If we do not know the answer we are probably able to point you towards someone that does.

Many of our clients follow the video game space on a regular basis and prefer to have an ongoing subscription to get the latest data.  However, most customers start with a single report purchase to make sure it is a right fit.  For customers buying a report(s), DFC credits the price of their purchase towards a larger research package or subscription if done within 90 days.

DFC Intelligence has specialized in tracking individual game sales and usage since the 1990s when we partnered with the NPD Group to provide reports on retail sales of video games. In the early 21st century we pioneered the usage of PC game trackers for monitoring the usage of individual games. This later expanded to track mobile games and game console services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live/Game Pass. However, as the market for tracking games has become crowded and unreliable, DFC no longer offers off-the-shelf game tracking services. However, we still monitor games down to the individual level and specialize in custom consulting, especially for product planning purposes. We also have access to our game tracking that goes back to 2005 and is available on a custom project basis.

Investors are important clients for DFC Intelligence and we regularly hold investor calls and do custom consulting.  However, DFC does not provide confidential information that is not generally available to the public. DFC Intelligence reports are based on our analysis of public information.  Our analysts are trained in complying with SEC and international laws regarding inside information.  DFC cannot provide any data or information that violates the law.

Cloud gamesCloud Games and Streaming Outlook: 2024 Report and Forecast Service
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