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Worldwide PC Game
Global Video Game Consumer Population Passes 3 Billion
DFC Intelligence just released its latest global Video Game Consumer Segmentation.  This ongoing project breaks out the number of game consumers by country, region, and platform.  As of mid 2020, it is estimated that the number of global game consumers
Xbox Series X Forecast
PlayStation 5 Expected to Significantly Outperform Xbox Series X
In recent months it has become clear that Sony and Microsoft are pursuing two very different strategies in the video game industry.  The likely result is that the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 should significantly outsell the Microsoft Xbox Series X. 
Microsoft Game Pass
Game Pass Could Be Microsoft’s Secret Weapon
On Thursday July 23, Microsoft finally revealed some key titles for the upcoming Xbox Series X via its online Xbox Games Showcase. The lineup looks solid, but the most notable feature seems to be the Xbox Game Pass service. The
Nintendo Lego
Lego and Nintendo Go Big On Video Game Nostalgia
Earlier this year the Lego Group and Nintendo announced a partnership.  This clearly has some intriguing possibilities.  Unfortunately, the first products shown seemed to miss the potential.  However, this changed with the announcement this week of a Lego set built
PlayStation 5 Games
Sony PlayStation 5 Has Solid Games and Design Reveal
Surprise, Sony not only revealed games, but they gave the world a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 design.  With the PlayStation 5 having a large existing advantage over the Microsoft Xbox Series X, does this reveal change the analysis? This
PlayStation 5 Launch
Sony PlayStation 5 on Track for 2020 Launch
In the recent DFC Intelligence Video Game Forecast, we modeled both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to launch in 2020. In Sony’s recent fiscal year earnings and forecast releases the company has confirmed the PlayStation 5 launch is

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