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Nvidia GeForce Now Service Expands to Chromebook

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The GeForce Now streaming service has not received a great deal of media attention.  This is surprising as it is arguably the most advanced service on the market.  It was timely that as students are heading back to school, Nvidia announced GeForce Now would be available on Chromebooks. Nvidia is known for its PC graphics cards that can cost over $1,000.   Of course, many consumers can not afford to spend big money on a high-end PC rig.  This is where GeForce Now can bri…..
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Nvidia Debuts GTX 1050 GPUs

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This week Nvidia Corp. unveiled two new GPUs, the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti. Unlike the TSMC 16 nanometer FinFET manufacturing process utilized with the other Pascal GPUs released since May, the 1050 series is based on a 14nm part from an unspecified provider. …..
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