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Nvidia’s Pascal Doesn’t Disappoint

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MAY 9, 2016 • Nvidia Corp.’s first GPUs based on its new Pascal architecture were unveiled on May 6 and the firm demonstrated performance specifications that exceeded its $1,000 top of the line TITAN X from last year. GTX 1080-based GPUs are slated to arrive at retail late this month, with the more affordable $379 GTX 1070s following two weeks later. A single GTX 1080 is more powerful than two GTX 980s working together in SLI mode, while the GTX 1070 is a…..
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Nvidia GRID Rolling Out 1080p

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MAY 13, 2015 • Although Nvidia Corp.’s Shield devices have no problem supporting higher HD resolutions, the company’s Nvidia GRID streaming game service has been limited to 720p since it became more widely available last December. This week Nvidia is rolling out …..
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Nvidia Shield Branding Adapts

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APRIL 24, 2015 • Introduced as the Nvidia Shield Console last March, Nvidia Corp. is now promoting its new Tegra X1-based set-top unit as the Nvidia Shield Android TV. The $199 device is expected to launch next month. System specifications include a 256-core Maxwell GPU equipped with 3GB of ram, 4K HD playback, internal storage totaling 16GB, support for USB 3.0 devices and MicroSD cards, …..
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