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Nvidia Stock

Nvidia Due for a Comeback in 2023

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Hardware companies in the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index were hammered in 2022 and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) was no exception.  Nvidia stock was down 52% from January 2022 to January 2023.  This was after a slight rally toward the end of the year. The big growth area for Nvidia has been data centers.  In the last quarter, Nvidia’s data center revenue was up 31% over the previous year quarter whil…..
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Nvidia Quarterly revenue

Nvidia Data Center Revenue Soars Past Gaming

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Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) revenue for the third quarter ending 10/31/22 was $5.93 billion, down 17% from the previous year quarter.  Data center revenue was up 31% to $3.83 billion while gaming revenue was down 51% from the previous year to $1.57 billion. Analysis Nvidia has had a rough year in its game segment.  Shortages led to high prices and it was hard to find graphic cards in the first part of the year.  Going into the second half of 2022, many consumers were …..
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Nvidia Arm

Nvidia Terminates Acquisition of Arm

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Nvidia has announced they are terminating the deal to acquire Arm Limited from the SoftBank Group.  The $40 billion deal faced significant regulatory challenges.  Arm is now looking at potentially spinning off from SoftBank in an IPO. Analysis The acquisition of Arm was announced in late 2020.  However, in recent weeks there were …..
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