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Nvidia AI

Nvidia Grows Beyond Games

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On March 22, DFC Intelligence had the privilege to join a private analyst briefing with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.  This was an opportunity to ask Huang detailed questions following his keynote at the Nvidia GTC conference the previous day. The focus was almost entirely on Nvidia’s future in AI.  The key takeaway from the keynote and briefing was that Nvidia is in the process of its most expansive growth of business model ever.  That expansion is into AI which is hit…..
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Nvidia Artifical Intelligence

Nvidia Game Revenue Declines 28% in FY 2023

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For the fiscal year ending January 29, 2023, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) saw its gaming revenue decline 28% from FY 2022 to $9.1 billion.  Overall annual revenue was flat at $27 billion.  For fiscal 2023 net income was down 55% YOY to $4.4 billion. Analysis The past year was rough for Nvidia, but the company is clearly poised for strong growth in coming quarters.  Investors are once again bullish as the company stands to benefit from the growth of the artificial intelligence …..
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Nvidia Stock

Nvidia Due for a Comeback in 2023

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Hardware companies in the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index were hammered in 2022 and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) was no exception.  Nvidia stock was down 52% from January 2022 to January 2023.  This was after a slight rally toward the end of the year. The big growth area for Nvidia has been data centers.  In the last quarter, Nvidia’s data center revenue was up 31% over the previous year quarter while ga…..
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