According to the latest report from DFC Intelligence the video game accessories market soared to $11 billion in 2020. While much of this growth was driven by stay-at-home orders and new console systems, long-term growth is expected to continue. By 2025, DFC forecasts the video game accessories market will reach $15 billion.

The video game accessories market saw 38% revenue growth in 2020. This was led by the headset category which saw 64% growth. In 2021 sales have continued, but growth is limited by supply constraints. As supply catches up to meet demand the market is expected to continue growth in 2022 and beyond.

Short-term forecasting in this segment is challenging for 2021 because of supply issues. Logitech is a leader in many video game accessories segments and their recent performance is an example of the market challenges.

In fiscal 2021, Logitech’s gaming segment grew from $700 million to $1.2 billion. For the first quarter of fiscal 2022 (ending 6/30) Logitech gaming revenue grew 84%. This significantly beat analyst estimates but Logitech stock declined as the company is expecting sales to be flat the next few quarters.

Overall, DFC Intelligence expects the video game accessories market to be up 6% in 2021. As manufacturing gets back to normal, 2022 is expected to be another major growth year.

The gaming accessories as defined by DFC consists of controllers, gaming keyboards, gaming mice and headsets used for gaming. Other devices used for gaming such as cameras, streaming devices, audio equipment, memory cards and more are NOT included in the overall forecast.

Video Game Accessories Market

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