E3 2018 Roundup
E3 2018 Roundup Part 2: Looking to the Future, New Consoles and the Netflix of Video Games
This our E3 2018 Roundup Part 2.  In part one we looked at: The strength of AAA games in a world of free-to-play products The controversial issue of loot boxes The top games for the second half of 2018 and
E3 2018 Roundup
E3 2018 Roundup Part One
Another E3 has come and gone and it is time to assess where the video game industry is headed.  In a few weeks, DFC Intelligence will be releasing its latest industry forecasts as well as providing analysis of over 400
Nintendo’s E3 2018
Super Smash Bros and Fortnite are Nintendo’s E3 2018 Major Products
Nintendo is pretty good at doing a great deal with just a little.  Two years ago, the company focused on only one product at E3, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At Nintendo’s E3 2018, Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Microsoft Xbox One Sales Forecast
At E3 2018 Microsoft Looks to the Future
News For several years, the major console manufacturers have nicely staggered their big press conferences.  Traditionally, Microsoft goes first on the Sunday before the show starts.  So Sunday June 10 the Microsoft press conference launched the start of E3 2018
Nintendo Switch Sales
Nintendo Switch Sales Sales Weaker than Wii in First Year
In our recent report on the Nintendo Switch sales, we made the point that, while the Switch is a successful system, its sales were not likely to compare to major powerhouse systems like the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s
PC Game Hardware Forecast
Market for High-End PC Game Hardware Grows 40% in 2017 to $40 Billion
The overall market for video game software soared past $100 billion in 2017. However, this is only a portion of the overall video game ecosystem. A major story over the past year has been the incredible growth in spending on


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