Games as a Service
Video Game Industry Segments: Games as a Service versus Traditional Games
The recent DFC report The Business of Video Games breaks the game industry into multiple segments. At a high level the biggest distinction is between traditional pay-to-play games and games as a service. These are almost two entirely separate businesses
NCSoft Mobile Game Success Shows Potential For EA, Nintendo and Others
Last week we discussed the success casual PC game companies had going to mobile games.  Meanwhile, AAA game companies have struggled finding success with mobile games.  However, when they do it they can hit big.  The most recent example is
Mobile Game Market Lures PC Game Companies
The newly released DFC Intelligence report The Business of Video Games, looks at the diversity of the ever expanding video game market.  On a top level, one of the biggest issues is the bifurcation of the industry into two separate
Analysis: AAA Video Games for Late 2018
Last week we looked at the strong video game lineup for the first half of 2018.  Of course, most of the big sales occur in the second half, and more specifically the fourth quarter.  With strong hardware sales and an
$150 Billion Video Game Industry
The Landscape of the $150 Billion Video Game Industry
The week before E3, DFC Intelligence previewed its new video game market segmentation on Venture Beat. The article, written by DFC analyst David Cole was entitled the $150 billion video game landscape: 7 segments to watch. The goal of this
Top Selling Video Games
Assessment of the Top Selling Video Games of the First Half of 2018
The first half of 2018 is in the record books and it is time to assess where we are at.  We can say right off the bat it was a fairly strong first half.  Of course, most industry sales are


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