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DFC Intelligence tracks companies active in the video game software space. The focus is on companies providing high-end game content. Some companies active in video game software are classified in the conglomerate category because they have diversified product offerings. This includes Sony and Microsoft who also provide video game hardware but are classified as conglomerates. It also includes the China-based companies Tencent and NetEase. Nintendo is included in both the software and hardware category but is officially classified in the software category. Go here for a look at the hardware index.

The DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Market Index includes multiple hardware companies but not all of the companies listed here. For detailed information on individual companies click on the company link.

Video Game Software Companies

  • Activision Blizzard: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Bandai Namco: Japan toy company and video game developer publisher
  • Capcom: Japan arcade and video game developer/publisher
  • CD Projekt: Poland video game developer/publisher
  • Electronic Arts: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Embracer Group: Sweden video game developer/publisher
  • Konami: Japan arcade and video game developer/publisher
  • NCSoft: South Korea video game developer/publisher
  • Nexon: Japan/South Korea video game developer/publisher
  • Nintendo: Japan video game hardware and video game developer/publisher
  • Paradox Interactive: Sweden video game developer/publisher
  • Roblox: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Sega Sammy: Japan arcade and video game developer/publisher
  • Square Enix: Japan video game developer/publisher
  • Take-Two Interactive: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Ubisoft: French video game developer/publisher


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Few Major Video Game Releases for 2022

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It is no secret that the upcoming video game release schedule is limited.  Many big titles have been delayed until 2023 and beyond.  Surprisingly this could be a good thing for the industry and the titles that are released could see record sales. Of course, COVID is once again the primary culprit for product delays.  Hardware shortages occurred almost immediately with the 2020 shutdown.  However, with software products that have a 2-year plus development cycle t…..
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PC Game Market Hits $37 Billion

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After record sales for PC games in 2020, growth slowed in 2021.  Nevertheless, PC game sales are expected to remain at high levels in the coming years.  The PC has become a true cross-platform play for both console and mobile game manufacturers.  Going forward the line between game hardware platforms will become increasingly blurred even as a growing number of consumers own high-end PCs. In 2021, PC game sales were up 2% to $37 billion.  The …..
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Subscription Services Drive Video Game Market Growth

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It is no secret that video game software delays will result in a weak holiday 2022 product lineup.  However, overall video game revenue in 2022 is expected to see continued growth without major new hits.  This is a sign of how the game industry has successfully moved to a games as a service model. In the latest DFC Intelligence market forecast 2022 software revenue from console and PC games …..
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Video Game Hardware Forecasts

DFC Lowers 2022 Video Game Console Forecast

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As the first quarter of 2022 comes to an end video game console shortages remain a major issue. Sales potential for both hardware and software has been limited and will remain as an issue throughout the rest of the year. While market growth is still expected, DFC’s forecasts have been lowered in expectation of limited supply. The latest DFC Intelligence forecasts expect 4% growth in the video ga…..
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PlayStation VR2

Opportunities Abound In Soaring Metaverse and Cloud Game Markets

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Quantifying the market potential for emerging areas like the metaverse, MILEs, VR and AR is a crucial but difficult challenge. It becomes a question of strike too early and go bankrupt or ignore the opportunity and miss out entirely. The good news is that many of these areas have been pioneered and many benchmarks indicate that there truly is gold in the hills. In December DFC Intelligence published a report on Cloud Gaming an…..
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Cloud Gaming Forecasted to Reach $13.6 Billion by 2026

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The concept of consumers being able to stream games and interactive content directly from the cloud to any device has been around for years. In recent years this has started to become a reality with numerous streaming subscription services for games. A new report from DFC Intelligence forecasts that cloud gaming and interactive streaming will increase an order of magnitude over the next five years. However, much of that growth will occur for products and services that are not part of a…..
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