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DFC Intelligence tracks companies active in the video game software space. The focus is on companies providing high-end game content. Some companies active in video game software are classified in the conglomerate category because they have diversified product offerings. This includes Sony and Microsoft who also provide video game hardware but are classified as conglomerates. It also includes the China-based companies Tencent and NetEase. Nintendo is included in both the software and hardware category but is officially classified in the software category. Go here for a look at the hardware index.

The DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Market Index includes multiple hardware companies but not all of the companies listed here. For detailed information on individual companies click on the company link.

Video Game Software Companies

  • Activision Blizzard: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Bandai Namco: Japan toy company and video game developer publisher
  • Capcom: Japan arcade and video game developer/publisher
  • CD Projekt: Poland video game developer/publisher
  • Electronic Arts: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Embracer Group: Sweden video game developer/publisher
  • Konami: Japan arcade and video game developer/publisher
  • NCSoft: South Korea video game developer/publisher
  • Nexon: Japan/South Korea video game developer/publisher
  • Nintendo: Japan video game hardware and video game developer/publisher
  • Paradox Interactive: Sweden video game developer/publisher
  • Roblox: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Sega Sammy: Japan arcade and video game developer/publisher
  • Square Enix: Japan video game developer/publisher
  • Take-Two Interactive: U.S. video game developer/publisher
  • Ubisoft: French video game developer/publisher


Video Game Market Segmentation

Why 3 Billion Video Game Players is a Meaningless Number

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DFC Intelligence has often discussed how video games have become a truly global phenomenon with over three billion worldwide video game consumers.  Unfortunately, this is a fairly meaningless number that is used to justify unrealistic investments.  In most cases, the addressable market for a specific product or company is in the tens of millions or less. The top line number for DFC’s Video Game…..
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Console Hardware Forecast

Console Game Sales Forecasted to Set Record Even With Shortages

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The latest console forecasts for DFC Intelligence have been lowered to take into account shortages that are expected to last throughout the year. The good news is demand remains at record levels and video game sales continue to soar. However, the shortage could hurt the long-term future of the PlayStation 5. At the 2020 launch of the new systems consumers were leaning heavily towards the PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Series X/S. With the hardware shortage, Microsoft now has breathing spa…..
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Video Game Sales Forecast

Video Game Sales To Set Record in 2021

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The COVID-19 stay-at-home orders helped drive video game sales to record levels in 2020. However, even as the world starts to return to normal the video game market remains on fire. Sales in 2021 are expected to surpass 2020 as DFC Intelligence forecasts the core video game software market will grow by 10%. DFC divides video games into three major segments: PC, console and mobile. In the past year the console and PC segments have seen the most exciting growth. In 2020 PC and console ga…..
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PC Game Market

Western Game Companies Lead Record Growth In PC Games

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After several years of flat to stagnant growth the PC game market grew 19% in 2020 to reach $36 billion. While much of this growth was because of increased usage due to stay-at-home orders, there are encouraging long-term signs for PC games. The most notable trend in PC games is that Western publishers are now among the biggest players in terms of revenue. For many years, China and Asia in general have been the dominant players in the PC game space. Market growth slowed as much of the …..
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PC Game Sales

PC Video Game Sales Soared in 2020

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Global stay-at-home orders were clearly a boon for PC games. After several years of fairly tepid growth, PC video game sales soared in 2020. The latest DFC Intelligence PC game forecasts estimates that worldwide revenue for PC video games was up 19% over 2019 to $36 billion. This sales increase was across all regions. Even China, which hasseen movement to mobile games saw 11% growth in PC games…..
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Can Video Game Software Really Sell at $70

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With the new game system launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X many are arguing that this will be the last major console hardware cycle.  However, the bigger issue is around software.  In the emerging digital age can game software maintain a premium price or are games doomed to go the way of the music industry? DFC has long argued that the demand for high-end dedicated hardware is huge and growing.  Ironically, this demand has only grown in the digital era where d…..
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