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DFC Intelligence tracks companies active in the video game hardware space. This includes video game console systems, PC manufacturers, and accessories providers. Many companies active in hardware are classified in the conglomerates category because they have diversified product offerings. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are not pure hardware plays but are included here because they provide core dedicated video game consoles.

The DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Market Index includes multiple hardware companies but not all of the companies listed here. For detailed information on individual companies click on the company link.

Video Game Hardware Companies

Hardware companies that have some impact on the video game market but are not included in the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Market Index

  • ASUSTek Computer: Taiwan-based PC, accessories, and device manufacturer
  • Dell Technologies: PC and accessories manufacturer
  • HP Inc: PC and accessories manufacturer
  • Intel: CPU manufacturer


AMD Profits on Consoles

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JAN. 22, 2014 • With more than 7 million PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones sold in 2013 one of the biggest benefactors is Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors that are powering both of the new consoles are produced by AMD. For the fourth quarter ending December 31, the company’s Graphics and Visual segment that produces specialized console chips and graphics card products saw revenue grow 29% to $858 million compared to the third…..
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Interview: Corsair Still Sets Own Course

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NOV. 26, 2011 • One of the side effects of video game cycles that stretch on for a decade or more is that the game technology torch is passed to personal computers. While console development is locked into a stationary hardware specification, developers who want to push into advanced content territory can only do so on PCs. There’s a stable core of gamers out there who are well aware of this technology shift, and who modify,…..
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Nvidia’s Roy Taylor On PC Gaming

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APRIL 23, 2008 • What’s next for the PC as a gaming platform? That question is on the mind of many executives, especially when a publisher the size of Electronic Arts decides to cancel the PC version of Madden NFL 2009 – EA Sports primary franchise. So DFC turned to industry veteran Roy Taylor for his perspective. Taylor has been a long-time advocate of the PC as the “fourth console system” and he is a fou…..
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DFC Intelligence Game Hardware Stock Index

The DFC Intelligence Game Hardware Stock Index focuses on companies whose primary business is providing hardware. More detailed info can be found by clicking on the company name. Some hardware companies are included in the conglomerate category.