Turtle beach flight sim

Turtle Beach continues to expand their flight simulation product line with the introduction of the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Stand.  The $200 stand is designed to house other products in the Turtle Beach flight simulation setup.


In late 2021 Turtle Beach entered the flight simulation accessories market with the launch of the VelocityOne Flight control system for PC and Xbox.  The $380 controller was sold out in minutes.  In 2022, Turtle Beach has expanded with a $300 rudder product, a $130 flight stick and now the stand which can complete a full setup.  Turtle Beach has now become a major player in the category.

The flight simulation market has been around since Microsoft first launched Microsoft Flight Simulator in 1982.  Flight sims demand specific control accessories but until recently there has been a lack of consumer flight sim software as the Microsoft Flight Sim product went dormant.

In mid-2020 Microsoft launched the first Flight Simulator product since 2006.  Not only have sales been strong but the game was introduced as part of the Game Pass subscription.  This substantially expands the consumer market for flight sims which previously have been limited to high-end training for professional pilots.

The accessories market has been hard it in 2022 with hardware shortages.  However, there is expected to be a bounce back in 2023 and there is a growing market for many kinds of specialty controllers and accessories.

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