EA Stock Price

For 2022, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) was one of the strongest performers in the DFC Intelligence Interactive Entertainment Stock Index.  Of course, 2022 was a down year for most stocks and EA was no exception.  However, the decline in EA’s stock price in 2022 was only 8% versus an average 30% for the index.

As DFC reported, Electronic Arts was able to maintain revenue even in the absence of new products releasing.  The focus in 2022 was almost entirely on annual updates to sports and racing titles.  EA’s has impressively grown an ongoing live service business that generates revenue year-round.

The good news going into 2023 is that Electronic Arts has some new product releases that could significantly boost prospects.  This includes Dead Space (January 27), Wild Hearts (February 17), and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (March 17).  EA will also be getting back into golf video games with the launch of EA Sports PGA Tour this spring.

Overall Electronic Arts is looking to have a solid performance in 2023 with limited downside risk.  Analysts are targeting a 20% rise in EA’s stock price.  DFC Intelligence is slightly more optimistic and anticipates 30% growth as the company beats expectations in 2023.  

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