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Forspoken review

Square Enix’s Forspoken is First Major Disappointment of 2023

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Square Enix’s Forspoken is one of the first major exclusives for PlayStation 5 to launch in 2023.  Unfortunately, reviews have been mixed with a current score of only 67 on Metacritic. Analysis Forspoken was a highly anticipated title for both PlayStation 5 and PC.  Most reviews have been mixed with some reviewers really enjoying the title.  Forbes…..
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Square Enix Stock

Is Square Enix Trying to Do Too Much?

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For 2022, Square Enix (9684.T-JP: Tokyo) (OTC: SQNNY)  stock was down 1%.  This compares with a 30% decline for the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index.  However, among Japanese video game companies, Square Enix was one of the weaker performers.  Overall Japanese video game companies had a strong stock price increase of 15%. The big news from Square Enix has been the sale of Western assets and IP to the…..
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Square Enix Stock

Square Enix Results Disappoint

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For the first six months of fiscal 2023, ending 9/30/22, Square Enix Holdings (9684.T-JP: Tokyo) reported a 3.3% decline in net sales and an 11% drop in operating income. Analysis The results for Square Enix were mixed but not that bad.  In May, Square sold Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, and the related IP and studios to Embracer Group.  The goal was to focus more on blockchain games. The bigg…..
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