DFC Intelligence just released its latest global Video Game Consumer Segmentation.  This ongoing project breaks out the number of game consumers by country, region, and platform.  As of mid 2020, it is estimated that the number of global game consumers is approaching 3.1 billion.

Of course, 3 billion is a massive number, however it only represents about 40% of the world population.  Furthermore, by far the fastest growing segment is users that only access devices on smartphones.  This accounts for nearly half of all users.

When it comes to dedicated console game systems, only about 3% of the global population and 8% of the gamer population are console consumers.  However, this consumer group has the highest per user spending.

Some other highlights from the Video Game Consumer Segmentation:

  • Asia is the leading region for paying game consumers at 1.42 billion
  • Europe has 668 million paying game consumers
  • Latin America has 383 million paying game consumers
  • North America has 261 million paying game consumers
  • There are an estimated 1.5 billion PC game consumers. NOTE this includes some overlap with gamers that also use console systems and mobile devices.

The latest Global Video Game Consumer Segmentation is part of a series of reports DFC Intelligence is releasing looking at the global game market.  The segmentation is available as a summary report or as a package with a full pivot table dataset.  Additional reports are focusing on direct comparisons between hard-core, moderate, and casual game consumers.