PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series: Is This the Last Generation of Video Game Console Systems?

As a new generation of game consoles launches many observers are again wondering if this will be the end of the console era. In other words, as games go online, will game hardware, like many [...]

Analysis: AAA Video Games for Late 2018

Last week we looked at the strong video game lineup for the first half of 2018.  Of course, most of the big sales occur in the second half, and more specifically the fourth quarter.  With strong [...]

E3 2018 Roundup Part 2: Looking to the Future, New Consoles and the Netflix of Video Games

This our E3 2018 Roundup Part 2.  In part one we looked at: The strength of AAA games in a world of free-to-play products The controversial issue of loot boxes The top games for the second half [...]