Will it be Sony and Microsoft versus Google and Amazon?

Last week many industry observers were surprised when Sony and Microsoft announced a deal to work together on cloud games/AI and other technology.  This deal was done at the highest level of both [...]

Amazon Joins Game Engine Arena

FEB. 10, 2016 • Amazon.com is entering the highly competitive AAA game engine business.  The Amazon Game Engine business will have two new platforms. Lumberyard is a free CryEngine-based, [...]

Securing Apps With Seworks

APRIL 3, 2015 • As with the freemium model itself, much of the worst mobile game app hacking is coming out of Asia. It is not surprising then that some of the best security solutions are also [...]

Unreal 4 Engine Model Changed

MARCH 2, 2015 • As the Game Developers Conference convened in San Francisco, Epic Games, Inc. changed its business model for the Unreal 4 engine. The $19 monthly subscription fee was dropped [...]