Barnes & Noble Pulls Back From Tablets

JUNE 26, 2013 • After posting a $118.6 million loss for the quarter ending April 30th, including a $18.3 million impairment charge on a 34% drop in sales of its tablet hardware, Barnes & [...]

Machinima Seeks New Funding

JUNE 25, 2013 •, the online site best known for taking videos created by gamers promoting their in-game exploits and then publishing the content on YouTube, is reported to be in the [...]

Microsoft Prices Xbox One High

JUNE 10, 2013 • The Xbox One will launch this November in North America and Europe, priced at $499, €499 ($661) and £429 ($668). Microsoft Corp. had not detailed pricing or release month when it [...]

Zynga Closes OMGPOP

JUNE 5, 2013 • This week Zynga announced it was cutting 18% of its workforce in the amount of 520 staffers. Part of that restructuring is the complete shuttering of OMGPOP, the mobile studio [...]

Smaller Wikipad Arrives for E3

JUNE 5, 2013 • All set for a Halloween 2012 release, the 10-inch Wikipad Android gaming tablet was delayed in order fix a hardware issue with the game controller dock. When attached, the [...]