CCP Newcastle Studio Launched

JUNE 29, 2010 • Iceland-based developer CCP launched its fourth game development studio, CCP Newcastle. The new studio will focus on developing console games. Richard Smith is the technical [...]

Britain Broadband Mandate Cut

JUNE 22, 2010 • Great Britain’s new conservative government has dropped the proposed 50 pence a month landline tax intended to boost next-generation broadband deployment. Instead, the new [...]

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Cost of 3DS Games

JUNE 21, 2010 • Nintendo Co. Ltd. President Satoru Iwata said production costs for Nintendo 3DS games will be comparable to making a game for the Wii. The premium over existing DS title [...]

Twitter Japan a Hit on Mobile

JUNE 18, 2010 • While Twitter first arrived in Japan during 2008, the service really took off last October after a mobile version was released. Now 16.3% of Japanese Internet users Tweet, [...]

Singapore Fiber Optic Leads World

JUNE 14, 2010 • Singapore may be the first country laid end to end with fiber optic cable. As the nation is a small one, the Singapore government has paid for the infrastructure with a very [...]

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