News Release: 

January 19, 2024 

DFC Launches New Cloud and Game Streaming Report, Sees $27 billion on Global Revenue in 2027

San Diego CA:  DFC Intelligence has issued a new set of industry forecasts for the global video game cloud and streaming services market.  DFC believes that game streaming and cloud delivery will most certainly impact the video game space by enhancing high-end client games and offering ways for them to live and evolve over time, a key element of IP extension.  In turn, companies will find new means to generate revenues for existing game franchises.  Despite previous claims that streaming and cloud delivery would slow hardware sales, DFC expects hardware sales to increase over time as a result  DFC estimates that worldwide revenue from cloud games will reach $27 billion by 2027

Of that revenue estimate, 85% will be from add-on content or subscriptions to individual games such as Fortnite and only a small percentage will come from replacing traditional game delivery. Consumers will continue to buy games via digital delivery and some in-store purchases but will enjoy enhanced experiences via cloud features.  This, in turn, will allow game titles to evolve into living games that establish more on-going revenues and protect and extend game IP.