DFC Intelligence 2024 Game Industry Outlook Now Available

DFC Intelligence has published its 2024 Video Game Industry Outlook (See Here For Details)

The 2024 Global Video Game Market Overview summarizes key topics from DFC Intelligence ongoing forecasts, reports and consumer surveys.

  • The movement to subscription and live services is a major trend but a big growth area is the emergence of single-player games as living games that generate ongoing revenue
  • Individual games are starting to become significant distribution platforms
  • Over the next few years, there is likely to be a power shift among the major industry players. If Microsoft can successfully integrate Activision Blizzard, it will likely severely undermine PlayStation’s future position. Check back in 18 months to evaluate success/progress.
  • Control of distribution will be the most important trend to watch. Battles among the major players over distribution could increase margin for content creators as distribution royalties decline.
  • Hardware is expected to be a major growth area in 2024, watch for a new system from Nintendo
  • The growth in installed base of hardware will be a major industry driver in 2025 and beyond.
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