How To Eat An Elephant


MARCH 26, 2010 • At the VCON event during the 2010 Game Developer’s conference, DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole gave a presentation entitled “Eating An Elephant One Bite at a Time: How buying in small increments is likely to cause consumer spending to soar.” The full presentation is available here. In this issue we thought ...Continue Reading

Consumers & Downloadable Items

mbc Game Network Show-L

MARCH 26, 2010 • DFC Intelligence has been monitoring trends in digital distribution since 1994. By 2001, we had begun tracking the game market in South Korea. We chose South Korea as a primary case study for numerous reasons, but mostly because over the past 10 years there has been tremendous growth there in high-speed ...Continue Reading

Zynga’s Pre-Paid Game Cards


MARCH 25, 2010 • Zynga rolled out $10 and $25 pre-paid game cards to such national retailers as 7-Eleven, Inc., Best Buy, GameStop – bringing availability of its game cards to 12,800 stores nationwide. Impact: Zynga's big success has been with leveraging Facebook to quickly build up tens of millions of users to its games.  The ...Continue Reading

3DS Set For 2011


MARCH 23, 2010 • Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced that a replacement for the DS handheld will be launched before the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. Code-named Nintendo 3DS, the new unit will support 3D graphics without need of special glasses, and will be backwards compatible with all existing DS titles. Japan's ...Continue Reading

Steam Gets Micro-Transactions


MARCH 21, 2010 • In a brochure detailing new features for its Steam service, Valve outlined support for micro-transaction in 2010. "Want to offer your customers a scabbard for their sword?  New tires?  The latest in night vision goggles?  Now you can through micro-transaction support in Steamworks.  Your item server can now be easily integrated ...Continue Reading

Perlman Not Into Hardware


MARCH 15, 2010 • OnLive chief executive Steve Perlman told Joystiq magazine that he'd prefer not sell hardware for his game streaming service. OnLive will debut this summer via PC and Mac software. The Micro-Console, intended to bring the service to televisions, is currently in beta testing. Where TVs are concerned, Perlman would much rather deliver ...Continue Reading

Nvidia’s 3DTV Play


MARCH 15, 2010 • During a cross-promotion road trip with Panasonic touting new 3D televisions, Nvidia introduced its 3DTV Play software that allows any compatible Nvidia GeForce GPU-powered computer to connect to 3D TVs play high-definition 3D entertainment. Impact: Consumer electronics manufacturers are primed to deluge the market with 3D televisions this year -- Panasonic being ...Continue Reading

SWTOR EA’s Most Expensive Title


MARCH 10, 2010 • Electronic Arts chief financial officer Eric Brown told a gathering of financial analysts  in New York City that Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO was the most expensive and largest ever development project, period, in the history of the company.  Brown said a packaged game usually costs around $30 million to ...Continue Reading

Social Gamers Can’t Afford to Buy


MARCH 10, 2010 • According to a study conducted by comScore, 29.7% of social gamers do not have the ability or the means to pay for virtual currency with cash options. Of those who do have the ability and the means, 34.9% say they are “very unlikely” to part with their money in order to ...Continue Reading

Globex Opens L.A. Studio

Globex copy-L

MARCH 9, 2010 • Globex Studios, an online game developer based in China and Taiwan, launched a new studio in Los Angeles staffed with local professionals – many of whom used to work for Pandemic Studios before the latter was shut down by EA. Globex Studios LA will be the company's North American development and ...Continue Reading