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Sony India’s Ken Nakazawa

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JULY 24, 2007 • A huge change from previous video game hardware cycles has been the swiftness in which gamemakers have launched their next-generation consoles globally outside of Japan, the U.S. and Europe. Now Latin America, the Middle East and wider points in Asia are receiving the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. One of those new Asian markets is India. The PS3 arrived there on April 26, less than a month after the European and Australian releases. Neither is the console priced cheaper fo…..
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Sony Cuts Blu-ray Player MSRP

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JUNE 4, 2007 • Sony cut $100 off the price of its BDP-S300 Blu-ray player to $499. Growing demand for HD technology and falling production costs were cited as the reason for the price reduction. Toshiba’s competing HD-DVD player retails for less than $300. Most Blu-ray d…..
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PlayStation 3 Forecast

Could Sony Go From 1st to Worst?

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Finally most of the cards are on the table and we can start making some more definitive statements about where we think the video game market is going. DFC Intelligence is always adjusting its forecasting model based on changes in the marketplace. Suffice to say events of the past six months have forced us to overhaul our models like never before.  …..
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