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  • Consumer Segmentation

    Global Gamer Consumer Segmentation


    Excel spreadsheet tool with pivot table designed for custom analysis.

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  • Japanese Video Game Publishers: Console and PC


    During the late 1980s and early 1990s Japanese video game publishers were dominant in North America and Europe.  Over the past 20 years, Japanese game publishers have struggled in Western markets. The report examines the under-valued gems that can be found within the long history of Japanese video games.

    This brief is part of a series of DFC Intelligence reports looking at company performance in various video game industry segments.  This includes console manufacturers and game publishers, PC game publishers, Asian game companies, North American game companies, hardware and accessories manufacturers.  There is also a comparison of how companies are performing in specific regions.

  • PC Game Market: Asia, North America, Europe


    This is a full analysis of the Global PC Game Market, including latest forecasts.

  • Business of Video Games

    The Business of Video Games


    The Business of Video Games has been a premiere game industry report for many years.  This report has been used by companies as an employee training manual and portions of it have been converted to textbook for college classes on the Business of Video Games.  The current version includes a 180 page pdf report and a 144-slide PowerPoint presentation.

    Table of Contents

  • The Outlook for Mobile Game Publishers


    This 150 page report consists of major company profiles designed to highlight the current market position of the major players in mobile game publishing.

  • Video Game Market Overview and Forecasts


    This 30-page brief summarizes some of the latest forecasts from DFC Intelligence. It includes the transcript of a
    July 2019 interview with DFC analyst David Cole. The focus is on identifying the key industry trends driving
    the forecast.

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    Video Game Market Segmentation


    The Video Game Market Segmentation is a spreadsheet report is a complete landscape of the video game industry into multiple segments and sub-segments.  It contains a list of over 700 of the leading players in the video game business.  It provides an overview of the core industry segments and the major players in each of those segments.  It is designed to help clients gain a deeper understanding of the major areas DFC Intelligence.

  • Video Games Holiday 2020


    This Powerpoint based brief looks at the holiday 2020 video game season and new product launches.  There is an analysis of the major games from console and PC and a look at the performance of keys systems and publishers with a focus on trends during the first six months of the COVID-19 virus.

    –Major AAA games for console and PC

    –Analysis of the new console system launch for the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S

    -A look at the performance of Nintendo

    –Focus on products from major publishers including Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft

    –Analyzing 2020 performance to date

    –Impact of cloud gaming and trends in monetization

  • Video Games Market Q1 Update


    This Powerpoint based brief looks at the state of the video game market in the first quarter of 2021.  There is an analysis of the new console launches, sales during 2020 and a look at upcoming products and trends for 2021.

  • Worldwide Video Game Forecast

    Worldwide Video Game Market Forecast Subscription


    SHIPS JUNE 2021

    The Worldwide Video Game Market Forecast subscription service provides historic sales and 5-year forecasts global market breaks down by platform and region with a focus on console, PC and Mobile platforms (dedicated portable, smartphone and tablet).

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