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  • Executive Brief Subscription Program


    The Executive Brief Program is an annual subscription that includes all DFC Intelligence briefs delivered over the course of the year.  Subscribers also get access to past briefs.

  • Market Brief: Nintendo Switch Overview & Forecasts


    This new research brief features DFC Intelligence’s forecast data on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console arriving in March, 2017

    Report delivered separately. Valid company email address required

  • Business of Video Games

    The Business of Video Games


    The Business of Video Games has been a premiere game industry report for many years.  This report has been used by companies as an employee training manual and portions of it have been converted to textbook for college classes on the Business of Video Games.  The current version includes a 180 page pdf report and a 144-slide PowerPoint presentation.

    Table of Contents

  • Upcoming Video Game Analysis


    PREORDER the Q1 2021 report on over 200 titles scheduled for release 2021 and beyond.  This report is part of the Game Forecasting Service.

    DFC Intelligence’s Game Forecasting Service provides clients a  regular outlook for major new upcoming video games. This program includes a detailed assessment of upcoming PC and console games for the next six months and beyond, as well as detail the most important upcoming games releasing within the next year in terms of user base and revenue potential as identified by DFC forecasts.

  • Western Europe Video Game Forecasts

    Western Europe Video Game Market Forecast


    This spreadsheet includes the latest DFC Intelligence Forecasts for Western Europe video games.

    These forecasts are part of DFC Intelligence’s overall worldwide forecast report that includes forecasts for console games, PC games, mobile games, and detailed breakdowns by genre and business model.

  • Worldwide Video Game Forecast

    Worldwide Video Game Market Forecast Subscription


    SHIPS JUNE 2021

    The Worldwide Video Game Market Forecast subscription service provides historic sales and 5-year forecasts global market breaks down by platform and region with a focus on console, PC and Mobile platforms (dedicated portable, smartphone and tablet).

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