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Sonic Frontier Sales

Japanese Video Game Companies Increase Focus on Western Markets

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In a tough 2022, Japanese video game publishers did surprisingly well in the high-end North American and Europe markets.  This is an indication of a trend of Japan IP having a larger impact on the global market.  It also highlights some major differences between pay-upfront business models and live services/free-to-play models. Japanese Companies Dominated the Late 1980s and early 1990s With the rise of Nintendo in the 1980s, publishers from Japan grew by de…..
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Konami Revenue

Konami Reports Flat Revenue for Third Quarter

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For its third fiscal quarter ending 12/31/22, Konami Group (9766.T-JP: Tokyo) (KONMY: OTC) reported a year-to-year revenue increase of 4% to ¥78,519 million.  The digital entertainment division responsible for video games reported a 3% decline in revenue to ¥53,721 million (68% of total revenue). For the nine months ended 12/31/22, overall revenue was up 5.5% over the previous year and digital entertainment revenue was up 1.6% to ¥153,959 million.  Profit for the nine-mont…..
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Konami Stock

Konami Has Big Plans for 2023

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In the DFC Intelligence Interactive Entertainment Stock Index, the Konami Group (9766.T-JP: Tokyo) was one of the strongest performers with a 5% increase in stock price from January 2022 to January 2023.  The overall index was down 30%. Konami was actually one of the few companies to have a nice run in mid-2022.  In early June Konami stock was actually up 58% from January 2022.  Unfortunately, results for the first half of the year were just OK, nothing to get excited ab…..
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