DFC Intelligence has begun offering strategic briefings and feedback sessions to companies, investors and other interested parties to discuss the current state of video gaming and digital entertainment and its implication for the entire gaming ecosystem.  A major current focus is the impact of COVID-19 on video games.

While the broader economy struggles under fear, doubt and uncertainly, the gaming and digital entertainment sector remains a bright spot with shut in consumers turning to gaming and streaming services to pass the time.

Current Topics:

  • What key take aways are available right now?
  • How much of an impact will this situation have on game console and other hardware roll-outs?
  • What does the path to normalcy look like?
  • What can the industry expect longer term as a result of current conditions?
  • Which companies will survive, which one will not?
  • What other pivot points can and should the industry move to?
  • What does this all mean for Q2 and beyond forecasting?

DFC Intelligence is a proven resource for the gaming industry having served hundreds of companies and their needs for insightful and informed commentary and advice.

Contact us to schedule a consulting call and hear our current thinking on the video gaming and digital entertainment space.