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Square Enix Eidos Sold

Square Enix Sells Eidos to Embracer Group

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Square Enix  (9684.T-JP: Tokyo) has entered into an agreement to sell several overseas studios to the Embracer Group.  These holdings include Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive.  This includes IP such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy of Kain.  The transfer price was listed as $300 million. Analysis Square Enix selling its Western studio holdings …..
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Embracer Asmodee Acquistion

Embracer Acquires Board Game Company Asmodee

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The Embracer Group has completed its $3 billion acquisition of board game company Asmodee.  Asmodee is expected to operate as an independent company. Analysis For the past few years, the Embracer Group has gone on an acquisition spree to become a leader in the video game market.  The acquisition of board game publisher/distributor Asmodee is not only Embracer’s largest yet, but…..
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Embracer Group Embraces a Transmedia Strategy

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So far in 2022 the story of the video game industry has been all about acquisition and consolidation. Both announced and potential deals raise many questions about the future competitive landscape as well what consumers and investor can expect. One company that is following an aggressive and interesting strategy is the Swedish based Embracer Group. Originally founded by Lars Wingefors as Nordic Games, the company specialized in distribution and publishing niche games in Europe that wer…..
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