Analysis: Can Games Capture Big Advertising Bucks?
[caption id="attachment_4328" align="alignleft" width="375"] A character from Caracol TV's (Columbia) PC advergame, el Cartel.[/caption] OCT. 5, 2011 • DFC Intelligence recently released its first in a series of reports: on video game advertising. Unlike other media with similar usage patterns,
Interview: Majesco Finds Its Secret Sauce on Social Networks
OCTOBER 4, 2011 • One of the big winners as the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms took off in recent years was Majesco Entertainment.  Despite having released some successful big-budget console titles in the past, the company has mostly been
Amazon Kindle Fire Debuts
[caption id="attachment_10649" align="alignleft" width="271"] The Kindle Fire is turning heads at $199.[/caption] SEPT. 29, 2011 • introduced its Kindle Fire tablet. The unit is the online retailer's first color touch-screen model that comes with a seven-inch screen, and wifi
Flextronics Starts Brazil Production for Xbox 360s
[caption id="attachment_10645" align="alignleft" width="390"] The Xbox 360 is now being made in Brazil.[/caption] SEPT. 28, 2011 • Microsoft announced that its production partner Flextronics Intl. Ltd. is now producing Xbox 360s in Manaus, regional capital of Brazil's Amazonas state. The
AMD Partners With Happy Cloud
SEPT. 28, 2011 • Chipmaker AMD has partnered with Cambridge, Mass start-up Happy Cloud to sign deals with makers of Internet-connected televisions to bring on-demand online distribution of console quality games to the TVs. No licensing agreements have yet been
Counter-Strike Still Most Played on Steam
[caption id="attachment_10637" align="alignleft" width="283"] The latest version of Counter-Strike wasn't enough to wean players off of the classic version.[/caption] SEPT. 27, 2011 • Valve Corporation told Develop magazine that the most played game on Steam is the original Counter-Strike released


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