Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 release
[caption id="attachment_4761" align="alignleft" width="360"] Andrew House, president and group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment.[/caption] FEB. 20, 2013 • As expected, Sony Computer Entertainment used its press event at the Hammerstein Ballroom within New York City's Manhattan Center to provide the first
Vita Price Slashed In Japan
[caption id="attachment_4710" align="alignleft" width="390"] Both versions of the PS Vita are now ¥19,980 ($213) in Japan.[/caption] FEB. 19, 2013 • In its first broad move since announcing that PlayStation Vita first-year targets had been reduced down to 7 million units
Wargaming Buys Gas Powered Games
[caption id="attachment_4559" align="alignleft" width="375"] Wildman was Gas Powered Games' last project as an independent studio.[/caption] FEB. 15, 2013 • Financially ailing Gas Powered Games, which had pegged its future on its new Wildman action RPG property and a $1 million
Vita Sales Forecast Targets Slashed
FEB. 7, 2013 • For the quarter ending Dec. 31, Sony turned in an operating profit of ¥46.4 billion ($495.7 million) compared to a ¥91.7 billion loss ($979.6 million) for the same period a year ago. Television sales were still
Philips Electronics Quits Consumer Electronics Biz
[caption id="attachment_3778" align="alignleft" width="267"] Lords of the Rising Sun was one of the best games made for Philips' CD-i system.[/caption] JAN. 31, 2013 • Once the largest maker of radios in the world during the first half of the 20th
Junction Point Studios Closed
[caption id="attachment_3682" align="alignleft" width="275"] A poor sales record for Epic Mickey 2 sealed the fate of Junction Point Studios.[/caption] JAN. 29, 2013 • Despite the recent corporate acquisition of LucasFilm and LucasArts by the Walt Disney Co., Disney Interactive is


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