Alex Seropian Resigns at Disney Interactive
FEB. 7, 2012 • Alex Seropian resigned his position as senior vice president and general manager of core games at Disney Interactive. Seropian had held the position for one year, and is one of the founders of Bungie Software. Bill Roper,
THQ’s uDraw Discontinued
FEB. 2, 2012 • THQ discontinued its uDraw $49.99 game tablet for kids. The product sold well enough during Christmas 2010 for the publisher to ship 1 million units to retailers for the holidays in 2011, yet sales proved to be $100 million less than expected.
Interview Sony Ericsson Talks the Xperia Play
FEBRUARY 1, 2012 • The Xperia PLAY from Sony Ericsson has been with us for more than nine months now. The cell phone maker, recently brought under complete Sony Corp. ownership, has yet to announce sales of their PlayStation Certified
Nintendo Network for Console Platforms
[caption id="attachment_10879" align="alignleft" width="348"] Nintendo finally has a game network.[/caption] JAN. 30, 2012 • During a financial conference call, Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced it would launch its own console network platform.  The new Nintendo Network will support the Nintendo 3DS
THQ Refocuses Business Model
JAN. 25, 2012 • THQ announced that is refocusing its business model to focus on core game franchises developed in-house, and building its digital content business on emerging platforms. As a result, the publisher will be exiting its long-time business
Tablet Sales Grow
[caption id="attachment_10871" align="alignleft" width="390"] The jury is still out on how much revenue tablet games can generate.[/caption] JAN. 25, 2012 • Apple Inc. announced that 15.4 million iPads had been sold during the Fourth Quarter of 2011. By comparison, 14.7


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