Sega of America Office Moves to Southern California
JAN. 30, 2015 • Sega of America (SOA) is moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Southern California as part of a company-wide restructuring. The relocation will be undertaken between January and early summer but a location for the
Nintendo Profits Despite Lower Revenue
JAN. 28, 2015 • For the three month period ending December 31, Nintendo Co. Ltd. posted a net profit of ¥45.22 billion ($382 million), up from ¥9.6 billion ($81 million) during the same period last year. By the end of
Microsoft Windows 10 Courts PC Gamers
JAN. 23, 2015 • Microsoft Corp. unveiled a slew of features this week geared specifically for PC gamers at its Windows 10 press conference. First off, the company chose for the first time to offer the operating system as a
The New Nintendo 3DS XL Analysis
JAN. 20, 2015 • The new Nintendo 3DS XL is another salvo in the crowded battle to deliver portable devices into the hands of consumers.  Of course, the difference is this is part of the incredibly successful Nintendo line of
Nintendo Departs Brazil Game Market
JAN. 13, 2015 • Citing high import duties, Nintendo of America announced it was withdrawing entirely from the Brazil game market for now. The gamemaker said it made the decision because its current distribution model was "unsustainable." Nintendo's partner in
Riot Building League of Legends Network
JAN. 11, 2015 • Mtoo [caption id="attachment_11627" align="alignright" width="150"] CLICK BRIEF ICON to register to get our latest Complimentary Brief[/caption] Impact: The basic issue Riot is attempting to tackle is reducing online latency (lag) so user inputs to physical servers


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