DFC Intelligence President David Cole on CNBC

 In Interview

DFC CNBC-SAUG. 1, 2014 • DFC Intelligence president David Cole appeared on CNBC’s Street Signs Asia show this week. Cole was interviewed about Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s first fiscal quarter financial results. Sales fell 8.4% to ¥74.7 billion ($728.3 million) for the quarter. Nintendo had projected a loss of ¥5.4 billion ($52.6 million), but the shortfall for the quarter was much higher at ¥9.9 billion ($96.5 million). Mario Kart 8 did sell 2.82 million units worldwide during the three months ending June 30, yet only 510,000 Wii U systems – suggesting most of those Mario Kart 8 sales were to existing Wii U owners.

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