Sony Matches $299 MSRP on PlayStation 4
NOV. 23, 2015 • Three days after Microsoft Corp. announced a new $50 Thanksgiving weekend price break for the Xbox One that resulted in several $299 bundles, Sony Computer Ent. America has responded with a Black Friday weekend promotion of
Some Xbox One Bundles are $299 at Thanksgiving
NOV. 20, 2015 • Microsoft Corp. is lowering the MSRP of two Xbox One SKUs to $299 between November 26th and 30th. The move is part of a $50 off promotion on every Xbox One SKU. As both The LEGO
Indian Platform-Agnostic Tesseract VR headset
[caption id="attachment_14797" align="alignleft" width="400"] Absentia's Tesseract.[/caption] NOV. 17, 2015 • A new player in the growing virtual reality hardware arena is Absentia VR in Bangalore. The firm recently secured ₹12 million ($182,000) in a round of investment financing from Astarc
Star Stable’s Big Ride
[caption id="attachment_14772" align="alignleft" width="201"] Star Stable CEO Fredric Gunnarson.[/caption] NOV. 10, 2015 • The last five years have seen enormous changes for MMORPGs. Most notably the subscription model has been supplanted by freemium monetization, while game design has moved away
Activision Blizzard Spends Big On King
[caption id="attachment_14761" align="alignleft" width="331"] A playable card from the F2P Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.[/caption] NOV. 3, 2015 • Activision Blizzard is spending $5.9 billion ($18 per share) to acquire all outstanding shares of Dublin, Ireland-based Candy Crush Saga creator King
4 Million PlayStation 4 Units Moved In 3rd Quarter
OCT. 29, 2015 • For the fiscal quarter ending September 30, Sony Computer Ent. shipped 4 million PlayStations 4 units, up from 3 million units the previous quarter. For the entire 2015 fiscal year ending March 31, SCE revised the


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