Quick Hit Gets NFL Nod
JUNE 10, 2010 • Quick Hit Football, the online football game that launched last October, has managed to secure a multi-year deal with the NFL to bring league teams, logos, schedules, and stadiums to the Flash-based game. More than one
Analysis: Daily Reach of Xbox 360 Titles
[caption id="attachment_10932" align="alignleft" width="390"] Looking at the daily reach of games like Red Dead Redemption helps DFC to model how gamers respond to a major title at release relative to existing games already in circulation.[/caption] JUNE 10, 2010 • One
Audience Share: Understanding Play Days(Sidebar Story)
JUNE 10, 2010 • As a variation on Daily Reach, we can look at Audience Share to gain a directional perspective on the total overall usage of various games relative to one another.  Each day gamerDNA records play of all
Tracking DLC
[caption id="attachment_11347" align="alignleft" width="324"] Borderlands DLC has generally been considered a success.[/caption] JUNE 5, 2010 • The game industry is becoming increasingly reliant on releasing Downloadable Content (DLC) to generate additional revenue and extend a product's momentum well beyond launch. 
Video Game Crossplay & Brand Loyalty
[caption id="attachment_11339" align="alignleft" width="390"] About 26% of users who played Rock Band 2 also played Beatles: Rock Band.[/caption] JUNE 5, 2010 • In 2009, DFC Intelligence issued two major reports that compared major products in two completely different genres, music
A Note from GamerDNA
JUNE 4, 2010 • When I started at gamerDNA back in April 2009, the focus was the social network for video gamers. What does that actually mean? In simple terms we have Facebook for family and friends (not 100%


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