DFC Intelligence just released its latest forecasts for the video game console systems. Across the board, there was a strong performance for all platforms. The Nintendo Switch is expected to met forecasts. Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are expected to surpass forecasts, at least in North America.

In a survey DFC conducted earlier this year, consumers expressed a stronger than expected interest in the high-end systems, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. Interest was especially high in the PlayStation 4 Pro which was rated significantly higher than any of the Xbox One systems.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 Pro has frequently been out of stock in recent months. This appears to have given some momentum to the Xbox One. However, assuming stock can be replenished during December, the PlayStation 4 should end a very strong year.

The Nintendo Switch is also expected to have a strong holiday season after a fairly tepid year. Nintendo has reported a strong Thanksgiving week. Assuming that the Switch has a strong December, sales should meet our beginning of the year forecast.

Overall, when 2018 is over, DFC forecasts that consumers will have bought 86 million PlayStation 4 systems, 46 million Xbox One systems and 26 million of the Nintendo Switch. It should be noted that do to retired systems, and consumers buying multiple SKUs of the same platform, DFC’s active installed base estimates are lower.

The new forecasts are part of the regularly updated Worldwide Video Game Forecasts.

The console forecasts are available as part of a package or separately as a spreadsheet here.

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