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CD Projekt to Fine Witcher 2 Pirates

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NOV. 20, 2010 • Fearing that its upcoming single-player RPG Witcher 2 will be a major piracy target, Polish publisher CD Projekt is signing on with legal firms in larger markets. Users whose accounts can be identified with an illegal download of the game will receive a letter demanding payment of a fine, or risk legal action. CD Projekt says the fine amount will be more than the retail price of the game, but hasn’t said how much. …..
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CD Projekt Goes Public

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OCT. 2, 2009 • Polish distributor CD Projekt (who also owns digital distributor is bypassing the normal procedures to go from a private company to a publicly-traded company. To that end, CD Projekt has signed a letter of inten…..
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Past As Future At

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SEPT. 25, 2009 • In our ongoing coverage of the major players in digital distribution, DFC looks at the much more specialized Good Old Games ( service based in Warsaw Poland. was launched in 2008 by games publisher CD Projekt. The latter is considered one of the largest publishers in Central and Eastern Europe and got its start back in 1994 publishing original titles, and later localizing best-selling PC Games from the West for Poland. …..
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