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Embracer Group Revenue Soars After Acquisitions

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For the fiscal year ended 3/31/23 the Embracer Group (EMBRAC-B.ST) saw sales grow 121% to SEK 37,665 million (about $3.5 billion).  The growth was driven by major acquisitions the company made during the year.  Organic growth was 2% for the fiscal year and -4% in the fourth quarter. The company also announced that they received indications that a major partnership they were working on looked like it might not materialize.  Embracer lowered its EBIT forecast for fisca…..
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Embracer Group Stock

High Expectations for Embracer Group

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The Embracer Group continued to make some big acquisition moves in 2022.  This included buying board game company Asmodee for $3 billion and getting the Eidos/Crystal Dynamic properties from Square Enix. Unfortunately, Embracer’s biggest video game release of 2022, a remake of THQ’s Saints Row, was a disappointment.  Overall Embracer Group stock was down 50% in 2022.  This compares with an average decline of 30% for the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index …..
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Embracer Group Revenue Grows Via Acquisition

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For the first six months of fiscal 2023 ending 9/30/22, Embracer Group (EMBRAC-B.ST) saw net sales grow 148% from the first six months of FY 22 to SEK 16,687.  In the second quarter ending 9/30 revenue grew 190% to SEK 9,569. PC/Console games accounted for 38% of revenue, mobile games were 18%, tabletop games were 35% and entertainment services were 9%. Analysis Sweden-based Embracer Group has been on an acquisition spree the past few years.  This includes the rec…..
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