InnoGames’ Worldwide Strategy

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SEPT. 26, 2012 • Europe is a strong market for the kind of enthusiast gamer-friendly online games that are starting to catch on via social networks.  The recent DFC report The Market for Browser and Social Network Games discusses how these games have done better in Europe than the U.S.  DFC Intelligence forecasts that the […]

New PS3-WP

Sony Details PS3 Redesign

SEPT. 20, 2012 • Sony will ship a refresh of the PlayStation 3 for the holidays. The restyled console benefits from a re-engineering of its internal components that nets a 25% reduction in weight, and a 20% space savings compared to the current model on sale. Stacked up against the original launch version, the savings […]


Microsoft Launches TV Studio

SEPT. 18, 2012 • To date, Microsoft Entertainment has sourced most of its non-game content for Xbox Live from broadcast media sources. That’s changing though as the company has announced the launch of its own production studio in Los Angeles. Tapped to lead the new facility is Nancy Tellem, who was president of the CBS […]

Wii U BoxWP

Wii U Priced

SEPT. 13, 2012 • Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced official prices and release dates for two Wii U launch SKUs. The Basic version features a white 8GB Wii U while the Deluxe package sports a black unit, boosts memory to 32GB and bundles in a copy of Nintendo Land. North America will be first to get […]


Toys “R” Us Launches Tablet

SEPT. 11, 2012 • Toys “R” Us is bringing its own kids branded kids tablet to market on Oct. 21. The $149.99 Tabeo will arrive with WiFi connectivity, an HDMI port, 1GB of RAM, front and rear cameras, 4GB of storage memory, a 7-inch screen, and 50 pre-loaded games and apps that run on the […]

Kindle Fire HDWP

Amazon Adds HD Kindles

SEPT. 7, 2012 • While the spotlight has been on Samsung’s Android tablets and smartphones this summer thanks to ongoing patent litigation with Apple, Amazon.com finalized a direct assault on Apple’s iPad business with a whole new series of high definition Kindle Fire tablets. The original Kindle Fire has sold well since its introduction last […]


Did Social Bubble Just Burst?

SEPT. 05, 2012 • At the [a]list summit in February, keynote speaker Michael Pachter took exception with an observation by DFC Intelligence president and principal analyst David Cole. Cole’s statement that there is a “bubble” in social games, which was used in the summit’s opening address, presented by your co-author of this piece Steve Fowler. […]