iPad Unveiled

JAN. 27, 2010 • Long expected to announce a tablet computer, Apple Corp. unveiled its iPad. The device will retail in different configurations for between $499 and $829, and operates much like a larger, expanded version of the iPod Touch. Since the same operating system is used, the iPad can run existing iPhone apps on […]


USDA Funding Rural Broadband

JAN. 25, 2010 • The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) announced funding of $310 million to bring broadband connections to 14 rural communities. The money was part of last year’s Recovery Act, and is part of the $7.2 billion that Congress set aside for high-speed network adoption. In addition to the above projects, the USDA  […]


PS3s in the Middle East

JAN. 25, 2010 • According to Sony Middle East & Africa in the United Arab Emirates, the total PS3 installed base in the region as of December 2009 was 450,000 units. Of that number, 78%, or 350,000 users are registered on, and are using the PlayStation Network. Impact: The Middle East/North Africa region as DFC […]


Sega’s Free Genesis App

JAN. 20, 2010 • Sega released an official free Ultimate Genesis emulator app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Much like Nintendo’s Virtual Console, Ultimate Genesis makes it easy to play classic Genesis games on Apple’s mobile hardware. The emulator comes with Space Harrier II, and has an in-app feature that lets owners buy other […]


Console Sales Rise in Oz

JAN. 20, 2010 • By the end of 2009, the Interactive Gaming & Entertainment Association (iGEA) reported 2.5 million Nintendo DS, 1.7 million Wiis, 850,000 Xbox 360s, and 770,000 PS3s had been sold to date in Australia. Thirty percent of all PlayStation 3 sales occurred after the release of the $499 (AUD) Slim model in […]

Modern Warfare 2 Box-L

The Rich Get Richer

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JAN. 18, 2010 • One of the biggest issues that has emerged in the game industry recently is the growing gap between the haves and the have nots. Big budget games based on well-known franchises are not only smashing all sales records, they are far outpacing other products and potentially crowding out the competition. Of […]

Anytime iPod-L

Hard-Core Gamers Go Mobile

JAN. 15, 2010 • Going back to the mid-1990s, DFC Intelligence has focused on the concept of “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” as a key driver of growth for the video game business.  Now “anytime, anyplace, anywhere,” along with concepts like “Nintendo Dads,” and the “user pyramid,” have been useful tools for both forecasting industry growth and […]


1C Blames Retailers

JAN. 13, 2010 • Russia-based 1C Company’s international director of publishing Darryl Still told MCV that retailers were the root cause of shifting more PC games to digital distribution. Mr. Still maintained that far too many retailers are reducing PC game inventory, and those titles they do carry are shifted out-of-sight to the back of […]

Lee Yong-hoon

Korean Gold Sellers Acquitted

JAN. 10, 2010 • The South Korean Supreme Court handed down a decision acquitting two gamers who had been indicted for illegally selling digital credits, called Aden, from the online MMO Lineage,. The two would sell 1 million Aden for 8,000 won, and earned 20 million won ($17,367) as a result of the sales.  Yet […]

ps3-Slim Black-L

PS3 Japan Sales Uplifted

JAN. 6, 2010 • Enterbrain, Inc. reported that sales of the PlayStation 3 in Japan have increased nearly 70% since the Slim model was released in September with a drop in list price of ¥10,194 ($110). There was little good news for other segments of Japan’s video game industry, however. Console hardware sales decreased 13.6% […]