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2007 Posts Record Game Sales

MAY 29, 2008 • Led by the PlayStation 2 (PS2), the “128-bit” generation of video game systems has reached a record global installed base that is expected to exceed 180 million units.  Of course, the PS2 was the best-selling game system ever.  With high hardware prices and a slow start for most of the current […]


Disney Revs Web Content

MAY 29, 2008 • There is a great deal of interest around virtual world online games.  Much of this interest is occurring in companies that are not traditional players in the game space.  This includes the large media companies that are interested in the significant user numbers that popular online games are now able to […]

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Sony Wants TV Standards

MAY 28, 2008 • Sony Corp. is very serious about managing the digital entertainment gateway in the home. The electronics firm signed an agreement of understanding with the National Cable & Telecommunications Association that establishes the fundamentals of retailing digital cable-ready televisions. Such TVs would have built-in DVR, VOD, and interactive interfaces that would be […]


GTA IV Sells More On 360

MAY 27, 2008 • Grand Theft Auto IV is selling more units on the Xbox 360 platform in the U.K. than the PlayStation 3, according to research form Chart-Track. In the four weeks after the game’s launch 750,000 units out of a total of 1.3 million have been Xbox 360 versions. What’s more, during that […]


Diplomatic Nintendo DS

JUNE 26, 2008 • Foreign Ministers attending the G8 summit in Kyoto were presented with special gifts, including a specially lacquered Nintendo DS, including their own Mii avatar. Impact: Nintendo is getting very savvy with its marketing. With media from throughout the world on hand for the G8 summit, it provides special DSs to the […]


The Australian Game Market

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MAY 17, 2008 • In school, children learn about the seven continents. When it comes to Australia, the discussion often turns to what exactly is that land mass: the world’s largest island or the smallest continent. This highlights the unique nature of Australia, how exactly is this country/island/ continent classified? Until the 17th century Australia […]