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Making Money From A Hit MMOG

NOV. 10, 2007 • A key challenge in the interactive entertainment industry is getting a clear understanding of all the new business models that have exploded on the scene in recent years. Advertising, virtual item sales, real-money trading, digital distribution and other revenue streams promise to expand the way consumers consume and purchase video games. […]


Warner Bros. Buys TT Games

NOV. 6, 2007 • The creator of LEGO Star Wars: The  Videogame, Traveller’s Tales (TT Games), is acquired by the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. The developer has been in operation since 1989, and boasts that its games have sold more than 42 million units worldwide. Traveller’s Tales holds the worldwide license to create LEGO […]

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How to Begin With Wine DS

NOV. 6, 2007 • At ¥4,830 ($44), Square Enix may make a splash with its Nintendo DS lifestyle title, How to Begin With Wine. This special edition package includes a bottle of Dourthe No 1 from partner Merican. The lifestyle game not only explains how to test the included Bordeaux, but a wide list of […]


Toshiba Cuts HD-DVD MSRP

NOV. 6, 2007 • Wal-Mart, CircuitCity and Best Buy priced the Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player at $99 during the first weekend of November, which helped pushed sales of the model past 90,000 units. At $200 off Toshiba’s list price, the weekend tally boosted Toshiba HD-DVD player penetration by 35%, according to Video Business magazine. The […]


The Magical Kingdom 2.0

NOV. 5, 2007 • While the game industry always prides itself on being at the forefront of technological development, nowadays some old-line media companies are just as capable of driving innovation. Corporations such as The Walt Disney Co., have weathered several technological changes in its life-time, and have experience in tackling the types of challenges […]


Virtual Property Ascendent

NOV. 5, 2007 • As an attorney in New York, I work with game companies frequently and have for several years.  In addition, I am often asked to speak and write about subjects that affect the game industry.  One of the most popular subjects in the last two years is the development of virtual property […]

Digital Kids is best known for its Petz franchise.

Ubisoft Acquires Digital Kids

NOV. 5, 2007 • Japanese development studio Digital Kids is acquired by Ubisoft. Terms were not disclosed. With offices in Nagoya and Osaka, Digital Kids was formed in 1996, and has become very successful at creating animal simulation titles for the DS platform, including the Petz franchise for Ubisoft. Impact: Acquiring studios with an existing […]


No More NES Repairs

NOV. 1, 2007 • With parts stocks wearing out, Nintendo announced that it would no longer repair 1980s vintage Famicom (NES) consoles. More than 62 million units of the console were sold worldwide. Repairs of the subsequent Super Famicon (SNES), will also cease. Impact:  It’s probably less amazing that Nintendo is ceasing repairs of these […]